Sunday, December 14, 2008

Loooong overdue pictures!!!!

Fun in Atlanta with munchkins...Ella is SUCH a good big cousin, Jackson is now a big boy, officially, Maia is just a big kid & definitely plays baby dolls with Ella (and by herself...freaking adorable!), and well, Connor gives 'em all a run for their 13+ pounds! My sisters, well, are still ridiculous. And two of my favorite people in the world! It's so awesome to "pick up where we left off"...especially when we haven't had skizzy time w/ just us since a LONG time ago!

I was definitely determined to get a REAL good picture...can you tell by my consistent smile, and # of pictures??? I guess it makes up for all of the times I have (and continue to) be pretty damn ridiculous in pictures.

Not too bad, for 1a.m., eh? :)

Next, a new visitor for Pep-tup!

That's right...Lucy is definitely visiting for an indefinite while...she was kinda over living in Atlanta, wanted to have some quality time with her aunt & cousin, & thought she had a lot to offer the city of NOLA. We agree.

The girls sunbathing...a common occurrence when it's not negative 12!

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daniloandjaclyn said...

Love it!!! Your sisters look and seem the same after all these years! 3 beautiful, crazy girls, just as I remember!! So happy Lucy and Pep love to lay in the sun together! Can't wait to meet them!!